Jim Abrahamson 200912 200Born - January 19, 1944
Married 1970 to Ceecy
Three grown children - Daniel, Deborah, David

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Iowa State University (BS 1967)

Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM 1971)

Ministry Experience

Southern Bible Training School (1969-71)

Instructor of theology in an African American lay training school in the inner city of Dallas Texas while a seminary student.

Part time faculty at UNC continuing education in religion

Jim has worked with the department of religion at the University of North Carolina in conjunction with the National Humanities Center on projects related to public education and religion as well as church - state relations. This work included, lectures, consulting, and critiquing post-graduate projects.

Chapel Hill Bible Church (1971-1999)

For nearly three decades Jim has been a teaching pastor of the Chapel Hill Bible Church near the campus of the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He was instrumental in starting this congregation in 1971 with a group of about 20 students and young faculty. At present, the ministry has grown to include some 2000 individuals. The church is broadly evangelical in its theology, nondenominational in its affiliation, open minded in its learning style, lay centered in its ministry, and ecumenical in its community involvement. While no longer the teaching pastor of the congregation, Jim continues to have a teaching ministry in the church and devotes a large part of his time to writing.

Ministry Consulting

Jim has provided professional consulting services to a number of congregations that have worked through transitions in pastoral leadership.

Bueermann-Champion Lectures at Western Seminary, 1996

Jim was honored to give this weeklong lecture series at Western Seminary in Portland Oregon. His subject was "Repentance - the neglected discipline"


Put Your Best Foot Forward, abingdon press, 1994

This book is a part of Lyle Shaller’s series on the church in the Third Millennium and reviews six styles of congregational life in the United States.

Leadership Journal

Jim has contributed several articles to this widely read national journal on subjects related to congregational life and ministry.

Quest Study Bible, zondrvan, 1994

Jim was a contributing editor to the notes on the Old Testament books of Ruth and Exodus in this popular study Bible.

Growing Your Church through Evangelism and Outreach, edited by Marshall Shelley, moorings, 1996

Jim was one of thirty Christian leaders asked to contribute chapters to this anthology.

Lessons in Leadership, edited by Randal Roberts, kregel, 1999

Jim was one of fifty Christian leaders asked to “Share their wisdom on ministry” in this series of essays

Peace Seekers, Light Messages, 2010

This is the first in a two book series on Grace and Peace with the subtitle - Perfect Peace for Imperfect People in an Imperfect World.

Peace Makers, Light Messages, 2011

This is the second in a two book series on Grace and Peace with the subtitle - Imperfect People Making Peace in an Imperfect World.

Some authors who have influenced my thinking


Millard Erickson, (I find myself in general agreement with Dr. Erickson on most issues both in terms of content and style of expression.)
Others who impress me - Edward Carnell, Carl F.H. Henry, Thomas C. Oden, Alister McGrath


Chuck Colson, Richard Newhouse, Alister McGrath (I greatly respect the sensitivity and insight with which each of these men express the Christian's posture toward the world).


Larry Crabb (I admire his style of communication, his growth process, and the way he has integrated his faith into the psychological areas of life.)

Biblical studies

D.A. Carson, N.T. Wright (I find these men to be not only brilliant but also fair and faithful in applying the Word of God to the questions of modern life.)

Spiritual formation

Fulton J Sheen, Richard Foster, C.S. Lewis, Clark Pinnock (These people, for different reasons, have impressed me and modeled aspects of spirituality that I admire)